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21.04.2018 - Dissertation Greek Translation
Dissertation Greek Translation

dissertation - WordReference English-Greek Dictionary. Δείτε την αυτόματη μετάφραση του Google Translate για τον όρο 'dissertation'. Σε άλλες γλώσσες 

19.04.2018 - Best Civil Engineering Dissertations
Best Civil Engineering Dissertations

Improved Technology and Materials. With the recent industry push to improve the sustainability practices in construction and engineering, discovering and describing 

15.04.2018 - Phd Dissertations Online N Nursing
Phd Dissertations Online N Nursing

Acculturation, Self-Efficacy and Breastfeeding Behavior in a Sample of Hispanic Women, Evaluating Knowledge and Attitudes of Graduate Nursing Students 

14.04.2018 - Engineering Phd Thesis Word Count
Engineering Phd Thesis Word Count

The normal length of a thesis, inclusive of notes, bibliography and appendices, c) For PhD (Integrated) programmes the thesis should not exceed 50,000 words; Agriculture and Engineering the MPhil thesis should not exceed 40,000.

11.04.2018 - Adams Dissertation On The Canon And Feudal Law
Adams Dissertation On The Canon And Feudal Law

John Adams, however, warned in his Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law that Parliament, armed with this view of its powers, would try to tax the colonies 

09.04.2018 - Dissertation Game
Dissertation Game

22 квіт. 2015 - повідомлень: 3 - 

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